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This is going to be a new series of posts on examining the backlink profiles of various personal injury law firms around the country. Let’s take a joocy look at who’s honest, who’s not and who deserves the death penalty for their unscrupulous backlink building methods. Personal injury lawyer seo. With that being said, today […]
Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Competition Levels
First of all, two words, can we all agree that Squirrly SEO wordpress plugin is the most annoying plugin ever for personal injury lawyer SEO? I installed it because I had never heard of it and wanted to try it on but wowowow is it annoying. First of all it’s showing 5 new notifications in […]
We’re going to kick this off with a quick breakdown on what exactly are SEM, SEO, PPC, CTR and all that jazz. You didn’t pass the bar in order to learn how to do online marketing. But the fact remains that if you’re running your own firm, you’re not just a lawyer – you’re a […]