How competitive is personal injury lawyer SEO?

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Competition Levels

First of all, two words, can we all agree that Squirrly SEO wordpress plugin is the most annoying plugin ever for personal injury lawyer SEO? I installed it because I had never heard of it and wanted to try it on but wowowow is it annoying. First of all it’s showing 5 new notifications in two places on my screen, I hate it when there’s outstanding notifications so I try to eliminate them by going to the plugin’s dashboard and hit ignore them but it doesn’t remove the notifications. So, uh, I guess the only way to remove the notifications is by doing their recommendations? Pretty aggressive there Squirrly! But I suspect it’s not even unchecked aggression that’s driving this, I think it’s an oversight and a complete lack of regard for UX.

You thought I was done talking about Squirrly and that I’d finally start talking about personal injury lawyer SEO competition levels? Nope, not yet. The second most annoying thing about this god forsaken plugin is that in the editor screen, it takes up the entire right hand side to the point where you need to scroll below the fold in order to publish a post. Like, really? How obnoxious are you pal.

Okay, now we can finally get into it: how competitive is personal injury attorney SEO? Well, to be honest, it’s pretty competitive. Let’s dial in on this one and unpack it a bit so we can broaden our scope while staying out of the weeds on this.

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO Competition

Now let me make sure you people are following along with me here. That website on the first line of this is spending 147k a month on ad words! Now I know that I am not a personal injury lawyer seo expert, but it’s not like I’m some yokel from Caseyville, IL. (I hope you have a sense of humor). So, in my world 147k is quite the freaking budget amirite?

Now, you may be asking yourself Spyfu? SPYFU?? REALLY??? I know, it may very well be the red headed stepchild of the premium SEO tools but let’s get off our high horses for a bit and go ahead and admit that its simplistic interface can entirely be beneficial for training VAs who may find other premium tools to be intimidating.

I digress, personal injury law firms are obviously going to spend a lot of money on acquiring cases because their RoAD on a single case can be astronomical. What we should be discussing is the level of competition for SEO and personal injury cases lead generation in different DMAs. I do NOT feel like doing more research or screenshots for this blase-impromptu-stream-of-conscious-personal-injury-attorney-marketing-blog-post, so rather than hitting ya with the facts I am just going to start a new paragraph.

Now, if there’s one thing we can all take from this as I round around 500 words for this article, it’s that search engine optimization is essential. This sentence has 15 words and that leaves me on the at 500 perfectly almost.